CONTECSI USP – International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management, ISSN 2448-1041, is one of the most important events in this area because it approaches Information, bringing together the fields of Information Technology, Information Systems and Information Science under a multidisciplinary view. pioneer event in Brazil to create its own CONTECSI Repository (CONTECSI Archive). CONTECSI  is also the pioneer to implement its own DOI domain in CROSSREF. With this, each work presented in each CONTECSI is identified by a specific DOI number. All works are available for free and open access under ISSN 2448-1041. To access, go to Previous Editions .

There are numerous Information Systems and Information Technology events that are essentially technical or aimed at the commercialization of IT products. However, rare are the events that seek to bring together regulators, managers, professionals, professors, researchers and students in the areas of IT systems. Information, Information Technology and Information Science. CONTECSI brings together all those involved in the state-of-the-art of the fields related to information, under a holistic and integrative view of management. CONTECSI always has the presence of national and international speakers and presents varied panels, academic and professional lectures as well as the highest quality works presented by the authors in parallel sessions, research forum, consortiums: Doctoral, Masters and Initiation to Research. to the extensive community that has been forming since 2004, CONTECSI brings together hundreds of national and international participants, thus allowing for an integration at an international level between the academic and professional community, increasing interest in research, in sharing updated information and in the practices used by the Marketplace. Thus, they are among the delegates participating from all Brazilian states and from more than 30 countries. The works presented each year are published in full in CONTECSI’s Book of Proceedings and are forever available for free and free access. in the CONTECSI Repository.

CONTECSI is the official event of the Brazilian Chapter of AIS – Association for Information Systems (BRAIS)

OBJECTIVES: CONTECSI is a multidisciplinary event and its main objective is to promote the integration between academia and society in the study and discussion of information in society through the communities involved in Information Technology, Information Systems and Information Science . Therefore, it brings together the different segments involved with information such as: what it produces, what it implements, what it uses, what it regulates and what it researches. that is, academics and professionals under the unifying vision of management. The multidisciplinary nature of the congress presents a natural challenge in the organization of congresses due to the variety of themes, resulting in the continuous emergence of new technologies and information systems, as well as innovative solutions that result from the multiple possible combinations in their use and the different ways in which the problems of organizations and society are addressed and resolved. Therefore, the word Management in the title of the event aims to draw attention to the importance of the practices and experiences of professionals and the population in their daily lives and the understanding of this content. The meeting of renowned local and international speakers and researchers allows for integration between the academic and professional community, promotion of research, information sharing, new knowledge and networking. In the last 12 editions CONTECSI has solidified its presence in the national and international scope. This has been demonstrated by the quality and quantity of participants at each event. Participants are professors, graduate and undergraduate students, researchers, professionals, government agents and companies in the sector. CONTECSI has been supported by public institutions such as: CAPES, FAPESP, CNPq and FEA USP. We are proud to have achieved all our goals in every edition. In each edition, a high level of discussions has been reached due to the increase in the number of works received and participants registered.

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: To be the event that represents the Brazilian Information Systems and Information Technology community – BRAIS. Foster the scientific dissemination of research, practices and the use of information.• Promote collaboration between the areas of investigations and research in IS and IT Management in the country and in the world in a multidisciplinary perspective.• Maintain a permanent forum for debates on topics relevant in the area. • Achieve greater approximation with society. • Encourage the formation of centers by area of ​​specialization; • Support the dissemination of relevant work; • Highlight the most innovative research through an honorable mention; • Promote and support updating, recycling, improvement and specialization. Progress towards achieving the goals will be measured in terms of increased publications in partnerships and comparative research and collaboration among researchers. This is developed by the CONTECSI OBSERVATORY.


Professors, Undergraduate, Graduate, MBA and Specialization students, researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs involved with the theme of Information Systems Management in Information Technology and Information Science in organizations, Government and Private  organizations officers, Profit and non-profit entities are also included.  This event is of interest to students and professors of graduate and undergraduate courses in  Information Technology, Engineering, Business Administration, Accounting, Computer Science, Information Science, Library Science, Management, Public Policies, Finance, among others.


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